Saints Community Church


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There are five main ways to get connected at Saints Community Church.  With the food culture of our great city we set up our steps with a meal in mind.  Here is what a healthy meal at our church looks like:  
1)  Attend A Service (Bread & Butter), 2)  Go Thru Growth Track (Appetizer), 3)  Join A Volunteer Team (Soup & Salad), 4)  Be in a Small Group (Main Course) and  5)  Become A Member (Dessert). 


Step 1 - Attend a Service (Bread & Butter)

Saints Community Church is an engaging, dynamic atmosphere geared towards ministering to your entire family. Saints Community Church is full of life, creativity, love and encouragement. There is a live band that will lead in worship and a Jesus-centered message by one of our pastors. The entire service lasts about 1 hour and 30 minute

 Step 2 - Go Thru Growth Track (Appetizer)

Growth Track is a 4 week experience designed to help you DISCOVER who we are, GROW in God, and SERVE a community.  We’ve designed it so you can jump in at anytime.  You’ll be able to sit back and enjoy yourself as you hear about things that we believe matter to you and to our church.


Step 3 - Join A Volunteer Team (Soup & Salad)

At Saints Community Church we believe that people are at their best when they are involved in loving and serving others. We have environments in each ministry area that foster life-change and community through serving others together.

These environments are called Teams. Being on a Team is the best and most practical way participate in ministry together. You can join a team by clicking below.

Step 4 - Be in a Small Group (Main Course)

Our main focus is our small groups! This is where we do life with each other and really grow in God. We have all kinds of groups, depending on what you enjoy and your stage of life.  Our small groups consist of anywhere between 4-8 people and meet all throughout the Greater New Orleans area on different nights of the week.


Step 5 - Become a Member (Dessert)

Our members are our leaders and our leaders are our members.  We believe that God has equipped you to do the work of the ministry and that you can use your God given gifts to lead others. This is the moment where you say “I’m all in” and you’re willing to lead others so they can have the same experience you’ve had at Saints Community Church.