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To All Of Our Saints Community Church
Prayer Partners, Donors, & Friends

This week has been a very difficult time for our city and its surrounding areas. We have watched as homes have been destroyed, people have been without power, and an enemy named Isaac has done it’s damage. We are thankful to God that our families have all been safe. We also anticipate how we can share the hope of Christ in New Orleans during this desperate time. We are in great need for your continued support over the next weeks as we begin the process of helping put the city back together. We believe that NOW IS THE TIME to serve our city like never before.

Here’s How You Can Partner With Us:


Please come along side of us in prayer during this difficult time. We have an opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus and BE THE CHURCH! Pray with us that people would experience Jesus as we serve both physically & spiritually.  Please don’t just pray for Saints Community Church but all of the churches in our region that are being affected.


We are currently raising money for a few different needs:

1.  PEOPLE IN OUR NEIGHBORHOODS WE CAN SERVE- We are buying supplies for  clean-up, food and water for people in need, and gift cards that will help our friends feel like  they are not alone.  We would greatly appreciate any financial gift to help us during this time.  We are also accepting gift cards (Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowes).

2.  CHURCHES THAT ARE IN NEED- For many reasons that include damage to buildings  and people that are entrenched in their own families needs  there are many churches that  will not be able to have church this week.  Yes, that includes Saints Community Church (we  are doing a clean-up day Sunday to serve our people and their neighbors).  But we also feel  a burden for the rest of the churches in our area that need support and love during this time.   Thank you for sharing that bearing that burden with us.

You Can Give Online By Clicking The Link Below Or Send Checks And/Or Gift Cards To:

Saints Community Church
PO Box 24299
New Orleans, LA  70184

Click Here to give online

Thank You For Your Generosity During This Time,

Wayne Northup
Lead Pastor, Saints Community Church